The Harts ❤️ Take Mexico! @KevinHart4real and @enikonhart

According to, Kevin Hart is worth $87.5 Million it goes without saying that he works hard. We all know you have to work hard and play hard and Kevin Hart does just that!

Kevin and Eniko Hart take a much needed vacation flying from LA to Mexico this weekend. He’s been on tour and shooting a movie.  Two things Kevin didn’t leave home without are his two beautiful children and his Hustle Hart. With his children he taught his son how to drive and made handmade pizzas with them. 


With his #HustleHart and #MoveWithHart there is no way he could go this vacation without doing some type of physical workout.  

The way his “hustle” is set up things didn’t stop there. His mental workout was also reading scripts for upcoming productions.

His gorgeous wife, Eniko Hart is the added bonus in all of this. She is body goals! Eniko inspires us all in her sexy swimsuits. 

It’s no secret we love Eniko and Kevin. Excited for what is to come for them. What do you all think?

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