Nicki Minaj is a Balmain Barbie 

Last night, Nicki Minaj was spotted at Space Ibiza in New York City performing while wearing this beaded rainbow striped Balmain dress. If you love this dress now would be the perfect time to purchase it. It is on SALE and there are only a few left. Two factors that make any purchase justifiable. Be aware that Balmain rubs small. Purchase a size larger to be on the safe side. If you’re normally a size M go ahead and purchase a L to be sure it fits. If you purchase it online you don’t want to wait, track the package, only to sent it back and your size is sold out. 

Balmain Beaded Rainbow Dress, $2103.55

Nicki didn’t stop with the gorgeous dress she paired the dress with a new Chanel evening bag. If you’re a fan of Nicki Minaj or avid reader of this website you know that Nicki simply loves Chanel. You can check her closet or her song lyrics for confirmation. The bag is lamb skin with gold hardware, resin and imitation pearls. Gorgeous bag and it’ll cost you “like 10 racks” according to Nicki. She suggests that you have your man purchase it for you. 

Rest assured we’ve located the bag. And she didn’t lie it is every bit of ten thousand dollars. 

Chanel Evening Bag, $10,000 

Who you purchase this small evening bag for $10,000? I would probably choose to luggage two other lower priced Chanel bags that way I’d have two to choose from. 

How about you? Comment below!

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