Jada Pinkett Smith “Deeply Hurt” About “All Eyez On Me” On Tupac’s Birthday

Tupac’ birthday was celebrated and remembered by his fans everywhere yesterday on his birthday. The biopic about his life his life was released in theaters yesterday. It seems as those the producers of the film “All Eyez on Me” did not consult Jada Pinkett Smith about her relationship with Tupac Shakur. There were many inaccuracies. She vented on Twitter about how she was portrayed incorrectly in the movie and events that didn’t even happened were displayed as fact. How disheartening it must feel to have a part of your life shown to the public and its completely wrong. Here’s what Jada had to say:

Everyone has read this famous poem written to Jada from Tupac

Jada didn’t know about this famous poem and they have him read it aloud to her in the film?

They added salutations that were never spoken?

She’s surprised him at his concerts and they added an argument?

While these details may seem small to many they are not. The first reason being that since Tupac has passed away we don’t know whether he wanted this things told but he’d obviously want the truth told. Secondly, Jada has to relive these moments and deal with all the social media comments. Mainly about things that are not truth so she has to tell her own truth when the movie could’ve easily consulted her.  A precious relationship that will be in your heart forever was tarnished for entertainment purposes. 

What did you think about the movie and how Jada was portrayed?

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