Calvin Klein Jeans has another line, Calvin Klein Platinum Label. You may not have even heard of it. Calvin Klein Platinum prides itself on being “modern. clean. sexy.” This brand of Calvin Klein is sold primarily in Europe and Asia. The platinum line has more basic slim fitting items that have absolutely no logos. While keeping the same modern and minimalist style of clothing.


Calvin Klein Platinum Tuxedo Pique Polo Shirt, $188

You wouldn’t expect to pay almost $200 for a Calvin Klein cotton polo shirt. Generally, their cotton polo are about $58.00. The platinum polo shirts are made with 100% mercerized cotton pique. Which is a special process the cotton goes through to be strengthened and become more lusturous. That explains the over $100 upcharge.


Calvin Klein Poplin Circular Top, $268


Calvin Klien Platinum line even has a home decor line. Which consists of complete bedding sets.


Calvin Klein Body Bedding, $35-240

The color is beautiful it is called sandwash.

What makes Calvin Klien Platinum different? The material is higher quality which is why it costs more. It will last longer. It goes without saying that you get what you pay for.


What do you think of Calvin Klein Platinum?


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