#BabyDriverMovie Will Dominate The Summer

Baby Driver, the title is a little misleading, let’s start there. At first look at the title, you may think that this film would maybe be about a Pixar film baby driving listening to some glorious music. There is a “Baby” who is listening to music while driving but, not at all what’d you’d expect. It is far more than that and we have Ansel Elgort to thank for that. He did an awesome job bringing his character, Baby to life in the film. The rest of the cast was absolutely brillant amazing job as well. You loved Baby’s girlfriend Debora, the swetheart. Then, truly hated all Baby’s ‘coworkers” Doc and Buddy especially the slick Bats, played by Jamie Foxx.

Not to mention the impeccable soundtrack. Baby has his iPod headphones in all the time. His playlist is unmatched. On his playlist, you have the opportunity to hear “try me and your love will always be true” in the famous words of James Brown and “darling, darling stand by me” by Ben E. King  along with Bob Marley, The Beatles, Prince and Led Zeppelin. An amazing playlist based on his mood at the time or an assignment he needs to focus on.

This is already my favorite movie of Summer 2017. I wouldn’t mind going to see it a few more times. I’ll definitely be purchashing the DVD when it releases. This movie was absolutely incredible. I hope that now that you’re read this review you’ll see exatly why this film is a MUST-SEE! I highly recommend it.

Rating: ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆

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