Couple @DwyaneWade and @itsgabrielleu Turn Their Summer Into A Sexy #WadeWorldTour

With a combined estimated net worth of $50 million dollars Dwayne and Gabrielle Union Wade are afforded some amazing opportunities. One of those opportunities is wearing impeccably made fashion pieces straight from the runway while becoming an effortlessly daring and unique statement couple. You also get to take “usies” with your husband who loves fashion equally as much as you. The Wade’s pull off looks that no other couple can and make it feel good.  With Dwyane standing a tall 6’4″ and his  Gabrielle 5’7″ (around 6″ with heels) they make fashion look easy. They’ve titled it WadeWorldTour showing them experimenting with unique looks on their sunny getaways in France and Italy. If you’re looking for new looks for you and your significant other or yourself–look no further. Prepare for a summer style boldness that is not for the faint of heart. 

These two are so easy with each other. The Wade’s easily pull off styles of casual chic, conservative, vibrant and sexy. Although Dwayne has a DSquared line in Saks Fifth Avenue designers are a moot point when it comes to how well their pieces have been brought together so seamlessly. Here are some of the greatest fashion moments:

These styles are the perfect casual chic. It is simply, Balmain in Paris.  The casualness of a tshirt and jeans or khakis combined with a blazer 


These styles is more on the conservative side. White oxford shirt, houndstooth, and double breasted blazer or pantsuit.  

 These styles are appealing because of the vibrant designs and patterns of plaid or floral. 

Let’s not forget the sexy night out with a timeless backless, all black attire or swimsuits that leave little to the imagination. 

On the WadeWorldTour the couple clearly has plenty of other things to smile about. Aside from the ultimate photoshoots their vacation consists of other things they love such as taking a break to read, sweets and spending time with friends dancing on yachts. You can tell they have a lot of love and trust for each other. 

Follow the couple on the WadeWorldTour stylishly cross things off their bucket list of Summer 2017. 

Let us know what you think below:) 

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