North West 4 Year Old Fashion Icon

Since infancy North West has been draped in the finest and cutest mini clothing. Making her a now 4-year old fashion icon. Which comes as no surprise since her mother reality tv star, Kim Kardashian is a former stylist now fashion designer and her father rapper, Kanye West is also a designer. Kim Kardashian has started a children’s clothing line The Kid Supply. She often pairs her The Kid Supply attire with her dad’s Adidas Yeezy collection.


She has so many fashion looks. There’s sporty chic: North will wear an adidas shorts outfit with her Kid’s Supply slides.

On her more girly days North wears slip dresses, from with $175 pirate black Yeezy Adidas shoes.

The Kids Supply

An everyday look for North consists on a tshirt, shorts and $175 zebra Yeezy shoes.


In the winter, North brings her best fashion looks with a fur, sweatshirt and jeans.

Its safe to say that some adults could take a few pointers from 4-year-old North’s fashion. Do you love North’s looks? Thoughts?

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