Starting today, each day there will be a feature of the day.  The feature will highlight the most gorgeous or inspiring photo or person of the day. The photo will not be limited to celebrities or fashion.

Today’s feature is Cassie also known as Casandra Elizabeth Ventura. She’s a 30-year-old singer and actress. You may have seen her most recently last year in The Perfect Match. She has almost 5 millions followers on Instagram. 

She was chosen  as a feature because she looks simply gorgeous in this photo wearing all black with her Captain’s hat. She captioned this photo 

talking it, but ain’t living it. 


5 Reasons to love her:

  1. She refers to herself as “Daddy’s Little Girl”. Her daddy’s a firefighter and also her personal hero. 
  2. She’s a Sade lover. Who doesn’t love Sade? 
  3. She had Diddy in awe of someone other than himself this year. LOL! 
  4. She was an adorable child. 
  5. She’s team #girlpower. We have to love and support her for that reason alone. 

Follow her Instagram for more information and amazing photos.


What things do you find amazing about Cassie?

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