$500 Custom Roses That Last 1 YEAR!

A Los Angeles based company called La Fleur which means “flower” in French makes roses that last up to one year. You can choose from 24 custom rose colors. Many celebrities have already started to purchase them. Like Terricka Cromartie, wife of NFL cornerback Antonio Cromartie. They have been used as a tool for twin baby reveals and simply special gifts. 

These roses start at $99. If you want more than (1) rose get the box of roses for $499 which comes with (36 roses). Note: if you add diamond dusting that’ll be an extra $50 + $20 shipping for a grand total of $569.00.

Things you should know before purchasing: 

  • Roses cannot be removed from the box 🌹. They’re not like typical roses DO NOT water them or place them in the sunlight.  
  • You can add up to 3 colors per box
  • You can personalize it with a card
  • If you don’t live in the Los Angeles, CA area allow 4-5 days for shipping. 
  • There are absolutely NO RETURNS! 
  • After the year of over and your roses have died you’ll still have your custom keepsake box. 

Don’t fret about how to care for the roses. They come with full instructions on how to make them last a year. 

Depends on how many roses you buy each year this may be ideal for you. What are your thoughts?

To purchase Grande Square click here

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