StyleHouse by Maxie.J

29-year-old Ellaé Lisqué founder, Maxie.J is a thoroughly millennial girl boss in pumps or sneakers. She pins up her red hair and gets the job done! In 2014, when Maxie .J launched her unabashedly feminine fashion company with only 6 dresses she had no idea what great things were in her future. Ellaé Lisqué became so successful in the fashion business that she opened up the brand’s only existing retail space on 7619 1/2 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, California she named her boutique StyleHouse by Maxie.J.The boutique has flattering full length mirrors, plush couch, furry pillows and racks and racks of wardrobe options.

Maxie.J is sophisticated, authentic, charming, business savvy and the list goes on. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out her amazing inner beauty which she exudes on Snapchat. If you follow Maxie on Snapchat you’ll see her great spirit, drive, work ethic and ambition. She has extraordinarily careful time management. For her upcoming fashion show debuting her new collection, she’s worked tirelessly to make amazing new pieces.

Not only is she a designer but also a speaker and business consultant. Her latest business venture called Boss Bae will allow her to personally connect and coach those who want to become a BOSS!

She knew that it was hugely important to get great collaborators that you can trust. It worked out perfect for her.

Even on her darkest days, she seems to know to turn to God and even finds a way to encourage us (Snapchat followers) at the same time. She encourages followers to be a BOSS! We believe this is directly related to the success of her business. She’s so relatable that we feel a friendship as her customers.

Her 2nd annual fashion show is this Sunday, September 3. At their show she will be debutin her newest collection and celebrating her 30th birthday. For any available tickets go to :

Max out on Maxie on her website or any of her social accounts Ellaè Lisqué, StyleHouse by MJ or her personal IG account

We wish her much success!

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