Victor Group @picturethisvic

30-year old Detroit native, Victoria Reese is a girl boss! She currently has two businesses Victor Group and BAUS.

Being a strong, entrepreneur of two businesses, she wanted to create products that supported an ambitious mindset and the importance of one’s environment.

Victor Group where Victoria is the CEO offers a plethora of branding and consulting services. Branding is in her DNA. She has already worked with major brands like Paul Mitchell, Nike and Unilever. Aside from being a branding architect Victoria also,

inspires youth and other women to find their passions.


Check out her webinar on “How To Become Your Own Publicist”

Her other business is an ever-expanding online collection, BAUS.  Victoria partnered with Marie Vivo and other for the BAUS collection. Where there are plenty of amazing eye-catching pieces. All the BAUS items are affordably piriced from $11.97-$45.

BAUS strives to support and influence women who want to take control of their surroundings and, ultimately, be the BAUS of their own lives.


EXPEN$IVE Signature Fatigue Jacket, $45

This oversized jacket it an authetic army fatigue. It has adjustable sleeves. You can get the lettering in yellow, red or pink. The best news about the signature fatigue jacket is you can CUSTOMIZE it with your logo or saying.


HU$TLE doormat, $45



Queen doormat, $42

The natural coir doormats are handmade. They are specifically for keeping the dirt out of your home.

Explore the entire collection at Hurry there is currently a 20% off sale. But, don’t worry if you miss the sale first time buyers get 10% off.

Uncover a new level of empowerment with BAUS and reveal the true potential of your business with VictorGroup.

She recently started #WeareIllmatic to bring awareness and support to women of color with MS. 

Connect with Victoria Reese on Facebook,  Instagram or Twitter. 

We hope you loved this article. Let us know what you think of the young entrepreneur Victoria Reese in our comment section below. 

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