Rihanna X Chopard

Rihanna has a Cannes 2017 Chopaed collection. They're known for their sparkling jewelry and Swiss watches. This collection is available in all scholars stores. The Chopard stores can be found in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, and Houston.

Beyoncé X GUCCI

 BeyoncĂ© has her own paparazzi. Well, let's just say she does photoshoots with her staff quite often for her website and Instagram page. She's wearing a blazer, blouse with jeans and her YSL Tribute sandals.   During this photo shoot BeyoncĂ© posed featuring a pair of oversized Gucci sunglasses. Which, I'm quite certain these sunglasses … Continue reading BeyoncĂ© X GUCCI

JUNE 25th! @Power_Starz

The long awaited returned of the television show Power will be June 25th. How ecstatic are we that we can start counting down the days. The month of May begins on Monday and June 25th will be here before we know it.